Mayor of Sarajevo Mr. Abdulah Skaka, Minister of Economy of Sarajevo Canton Mr. Muharem Sabic and President of the BBI Management Board Mr. Amer Bukvic organized last night a reception for guests and high-ranking officials of Sarajevo Halal Fair (SHF) 2018 which was officially opened in Sarajevo on Thursday.

“It’s a pleasure to see that such a fair has been completely successful. We are trying to organize as many events as possible in order to place Sarajevo in the list of cities that have different types of fairs. We are especially pleased that Sarajevo is hosting such a fair, dedicated to one of the fastest growing industries in the world. I believe that this project will become a tradition in the upcoming years, that we will exchange ideas and experiences, and make a fair worthy of world attention, “said Mr. Abdulah Skaka, the mayor of Sarajevo.

Mr. Muharem Sabic, Minister of Economy of Sarajevo Canton, pointed out that all economic parameters for Sarajevo Canton were growing and that Sarajevo City has become one of the most favorable locations for foreign investors.

“This fair is a great opportunity for business meetings of producers, representatives of governments, and investors to establish a partnership, and I hope that it will contribute to even stronger development of the halal industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Mr. Sabic.

President of the Management Board of BBI Mr. Amer Bukvic has expressed his gratitude to Mayor Mr. Skaka for supporting the organization and realization of SHF 2018.

“I hope that we will lay the foundations for a long-term project, which is the positioning of Sarajevo as a center for the halal industry in Europe. The fact that SHF is organized in cooperation with the Islamic Development Bank and the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina means a lot. Together we can create a better future, “Bukvic pointed out.

Special appreciation for the presence was given to delegation from Malaysia led by Yusuf Rawa, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department. Mayor of Sarajevo, Mr. Skaka and Mr. Bukvic, honorary presented the plaque of the City of Sarajevo to Malaysian Minister Yusuf Rawa.

Mr. Bukvic and Minister Sabic presented special recognition for their outstanding contribution to the development of the halal industry to the Institute for Standardization and Measurement for Islamic Countries. The reward on behalf of the Institute was taken by the Institute’s Secretary General Mr. Ihsan ÖVut. In addition, Mr. Israfil Kuralay, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Istanbul, and Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Amari, Director of Tourism and National Heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have expressed their special gratitude to BBI Sarajevo for contributing to the success of the first Sarajevo Halal Fair.

SHF 2018, which is organized by Bosnia Bank International (BBI) in cooperation with the Islamic Community in B&H and the Islamic Development Bank (ISDB), gathered participants from more than 40 countries and more than 100 exhibitors from all over the world.

During the three days of SHF 2018, regional producers of halal products and providers of halal services from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia and Albania will be able to meet with large distributors’ and customers from the European Union, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Malaysia, Bahrain, Libya, the United Arab Emirates.